Concerned about your health? Tired all the time and have no energy? Feel unfit?

Need help getting the support needed but don’t know how to get started?

You’re not alone… let us help you.

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We have programmes that are designed to  support you to improved your health, and gain more energy and feel fit.

We work with women and men over 40  and help them to increase their health awareness, and provide them with quick results. We focus on helping them to feel more relaxed if they are stressed and anxious or tired all the time.

Learn key health tips on how to introduce lifestyle changes to ‘Add Years to Your Life and Life to your years,’

We review  lifestyle behaviours and look at ways to help you to feel better, and become more physically active

We offer solutions to improve concentration and and work on your mindset

Tips on how to reduce the risk of potential health problems such as  heart disease, strokes or diabetes.

Help with basic nutritional advice to improve and enable  you to make healthier food choices.

Offer you the opportunity to have a sense of achievement from learning something new and putting it into action by setting goals.

Enjoy the things you have always wanted to do but can’t so you feel happier and more healthy

Learn how to lose weight permanently not by calorie counting but by eating healthy nutritious foods that boost energy levels and vitality,

If that feels like you then your in the right place and your not alone.




Perfect for: – Accelerated results – Preparing for a holiday – If you’re not getting results anymore – Really want to change your lifestyle and tried other things – Goal setting and Action Planning

  • An initial FREE 20-minute health consultation with a healthcare professional to better understand your needs
  • A 60 minute fully comprehensive health assessment Lifestyle assessment and consultation with a healthcare professional
  • Initial weigh-in/measurements,  measure of your BP, BMI (height, weight and body compostion)
  • 3 blood tests including Cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney profile, liver function profile (CRP) (if indicated at assessment)
  • Health & Wellbeing and nutritional advice, including meal composition, Protein, sugar, fat,
  • Advice on physical activity and mental health
  • Help with learning how to maintain healthy eating  choices
  • Ongoing support with maintaining healthy lifestyle choices
  • Referral to Gym or Fitness group
  • Membership to a secret Facebook group: Chat to other clients for hints/tips and support 
  • Access to one day Full & Half day Health seminar with other Gold Group members
  • Access to mini retreat weekend away pleasure days (optional add on)

Cost of Gold Package £450


Perfect for: – If you want to enjoy life again, If you want to drop a dress size, If you’ve hit a plateau and now really want to improve lifestyle and lose fat, Adding years to your life,  Review of your health problem. If your feeling unfit,  Needing help and don’t know where to start!  

  • Mini health check and review of Medical History, and completion of lifestyle questionnaire
  • Clinical intervention: Blood pressure
  • Body Mass Index BMI, height and weight measurements
  • Health promotional advice
  • Heart profile screen for  disease (CVD), glucose blood test
  • Health promotional advice
  • Mental health and physical activity
  • Basic nutritional advice

Cost of Silver Package £149 pounds


 Perfect for:  Mindset work and accountability – Motivational support and advice to keep on track, Maintaining consistency, set goals i.e. weight loss, getting fitter and want to make appropriate lifestyle and behaviour changes

  •  1:1 Personal Coaching session Min. 3-month commitment
  • Initial health assessment and screening sessions: Targeted screening in the comfort of your home (Optional)
  • Baseline measurements:  Initial weigh-in/measurements
  • Weekly record of weight – Before/after pics
  • A monthly 1:1-hour consultation to track progress
  • Access to health Consultant  for  two 30-minute follow up telephone accountability calls and support
  • Access to members group  health one day seminar 
  • Health & Wellbeing and nutritional advice, including meal composition, Protein, sugar, fat
  • Access to dietary and useful links to the latest health information
  • Support with maintaining health lifestyle choices
  • Access to mega retreat  away,  Caribbean trip  or weekend away pleasure days (optional add on) 

Cost of Platinum  Package £699 per month 


The benefits and outcomes received from  a health check are that you will be  better informed about your health need

  • Recieve improved health outcomes that  transform and enrich lives, and empower you to reach your full health potential
  • Raising awareness about your  health, can add life to your years and years to your life
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence and gain more energy
  • Get recommendations  on how to reduce the risk of  potential health problems
  • It can enhance your quality of life
  • Learn tips on how to maximise your energy levels
  • Gain support with how to make healthy food choices
  • Gain immediate medical results and early detection of any underlying health issues!
  • Recieve lifestyle and health advice tailored to your own personal health need so you can become an advocate of  your own health and wellbeing


I would not hesitate to recommend Shirley and her business in that the biggest thing for me is the confidence she inspires as a highly experienced healthcare professional that really makes you feel like you are truly in a safe pair of hands.

Robert Turnbull, Colchester

Knowing I am in good health I wasn’t sure how much benefit I would get from it. However, it has been hugely reassuring and valuable. Shirley is delightful and hugely knowledgeable. The whole experience has been a pleasure. It would be great to do the process every year.

Rob Thacker

Director, Pound Gates

Hi Shirley, I just wanted to thank you,

I had found myself at a loss and in a rut health-wise, wanting to take control of my health but unsure of how to proceed with getting back on the right track.
I called on your services and it was the best decision!

Upon meeting I had a complete and thorough health assessment, was advised on healthy eating, how to change my behaviour and approach to avoid bad habits, but mostly how to incorporate the healthy lifestyle into my day to day living and as a result I had lost 10 pounds and feel truly motivated to keep on this track.

Thank you so much!

We will recommend you highly!

Diane Dixon

Gold Client

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Our FREE Complimentary 20-minute health awareness session will help you to learn how to improve your health and well-being and uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success to reaching your full health potential. Learn how to create a clear vision to achieve your goal.

YOU will learn 4 key tips to help transform your life ..and step by step how to achieve the results you really want.

After the session, you will know how to regain your wellness, have more energy and vitality so you can fully enjoy your life again.

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We offer Health Management and Staff development training on maintaining lifestyle balance, training on a well-balanced diet ‘eat well, live well’, physical and mental health and management of stress.

Our training programmes are person centred to each client and we offer one to one sessions or in group workshop of 8-10 people.

Topic areas include:

  • Management of Stress
  • Eating well and Live well
  • How to care for your back
  • Physical health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Exercise
  • Health promotion
  • Lifestyle  balance
  • Healthcare Workshop training

Half day starts from £350 pounds

Full day training starts from  £600 pounds