Suffolk BME Awards Nomination 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted again for Suffolk BME Business Awards 2018.
The Award Ceremony will take place on Wed 24th Oct, 6.30pm at the University of Suffolk, Waterfront building (IP4 1QJ).
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Suffolk African History Month Health and Wellbeing Day 2018

What an amazing day spent at the CACHSF Health and Wellbeing day offering FREE health checks, lifestyle advice and blood pressure checks, and great speakers. We had our Deputy Mayor Sarah Barber opening speech and entertainment from funny Comedian Patty Dumplin, with good vibes and healthy food. Great connections with the Carribean and African Community made raising health awareness on mens health, diabetes, sickle cell and Mental Health. If you would like a health check or lifestyle advice contact us our Twitter handle@YLIYHs64, or direct message us here 👇. If you would like to book a health assessment book a free consultation with us here

Unlock the door to Your Next Chapter: Freedom to Thrive event

Wow, I am still buzzing about our amazing Freedom to Thrive event on the 14th April, what a fantastic day. I am humbled and honoured by the amazing feedback. I am foremost thankful to God for inspiring me to create this event.

Here are some of the words summarized by our attendees on their experience. ‘Phenomenal, excellent powerful, challenging, Essential, emotional, inspirational ,encouraging, interesting, outstanding, ,empowering motivational, thought-provoking and much more.

I commend and thank my wonderful speakers Evadney Campbell MBE, for keeping it real and sharing her powerful story and tips to raise your PR, the amazing Jacqueline A. Wilson Hinds for sharing her life story ‘from the hamster wheel to freedom’ to my amazing Facilitator Imani Sorhaindo, for my Sponsors, KMT rising and Karen Walker, Beach body, my fantastic, excellent team, Julie Roberts Sharon Powell Saline Moore, and Yvonne Byrd Cert Eyp for the excellent refreshments and to all my family and friends and amazing attendees who made the day a great success.

Thank you all for coming. I also want to thank the men who also attended, Warrington Phipps, James Powell, Charles and others for your astounding contributions. I thank my dear friends near and far who travelled down from London to support me. I appreciate you and celebrate you and thank you. Continue to #walkinyourpurpose, #livethedream and find the #Freedomtothrive.

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My First Ever Freedom To Thrive Launch Event ‘Unlock The Door To Your Next Chapter’

My First Ever Freedom To Thrive Launch Event ‘Unlock The Door To Your Next Chapter’

All I can say is Wow! Today at my first ever Freedom To Thrive Launch event ‘Unlock the door to your next Chapter’ it was an amazing day with some awesome guests and speakers.

I am so humbled and blessed that my business mentor Camilita Nuttall who took time out to Skype in to to share her story with my guests. I want to thank Harriet Cadman, Bal, Eddington Pindura, my guest speakers, Shana Lewis my dear friend and cake maker and my beautiful dear friend Coral Joseph for working in the background and providing the beautiful gift bags for our guests and decorating the room so beautifully as part of the Events Management team and videoing the whole event.

Also to my hair stylist Aggie and my dear friend Saline for supporting me and helped to make this day a great success and I couldn’t have done this with out you all. I also thank all those who prayed for me and offered words of encouragement along the way.

I also want to thank each of my wonderful guests Karen Walker, Lisa Destiny Errington, Kaz Zee Claxton, KerryMussington, Louise Woulfe-flanagan, Pastor Favour, Eugene E. Otoakhia and many more including my family Sharon Powell, James Powell, Myrtle Powell and Yvonne Byrd Cert Eyp who came our to support but also gain some value and great content.

I appreciate and salute you and wish you all a heart felt thank you and if your were not there you really missed an amazing event. I also give thanks to God for giving me the strength to follow through with my dream and passion and to add value to others lives.

A big thank you to Amanda and all the Holiday Inn Orwell staff for accommodating us so well today. Feeling truly blessed. Remember to book your time with us for your free consultations. I will be in touch soon.

Unlock the Door to Your Next Chapter

Unlock the Door to Your Next Chapter

Are you at a crossroad in your life?

Do you feel as if you are meant for more but just aren’t sure what it is?

If so, then “Unlock the Door to Your Next Chapter” is for you!

We are pleased to invite you to our first launch Freedom to Thrive event

Get ready to:

1) Gain 100% clarity on what your next steps in life should be

2) Confidently set goals and know that you will be able to achieve each one of them

3) Live your life full of passion and joy

You don’t have to go through this process alone. Together, we will help you create the life you have always dreamed about!

Freedom to Thrive is a great business and networking event hosted by Shirley Powell. Transitional Coach and Wellbeing Consultant. We also have an exciting line up of speakers including the incredible Harriet Cadman, Director of Consultancy Services Limited, Eddington Pindura, Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist, of Internet Marketing HQ, and other expert speakers to be announced soon

What will you get at the Event …..