Wow, I am still buzzing about our amazing Freedom to Thrive event on the 14th April, what a fantastic day. I am humbled and honoured by the amazing feedback. I am foremost thankful to God for inspiring me to create this event.

Here are some of the words summarized by our attendees on their experience. ‘Phenomenal, excellent powerful, challenging, Essential, emotional, inspirational ,encouraging, interesting, outstanding, ,empowering motivational, thought-provoking and much more.

I commend and thank my wonderful speakers Evadney Campbell MBE, for keeping it real and sharing her powerful story and tips to raise your PR, the amazing Jacqueline A. Wilson Hinds for sharing her life story ‘from the hamster wheel to freedom’ to my amazing Facilitator Imani Sorhaindo, for my Sponsors, KMT rising and Karen Walker, Beach body, my fantastic, excellent team, Julie Roberts Sharon Powell Saline Moore, and Yvonne Byrd Cert Eyp for the excellent refreshments and to all my family and friends and amazing attendees who made the day a great success.

Thank you all for coming. I also want to thank the men who also attended, Warrington Phipps, James Powell, Charles and others for your astounding contributions. I thank my dear friends near and far who travelled down from London to support me. I appreciate you and celebrate you and thank you. Continue to #walkinyourpurpose, #livethedream and find the #Freedomtothrive.

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